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Why use campus slice?


Campus Slice is funding tool for college tuition. We help students raise money via small monthly donations for most types of schools, including four-year universities, junior and community colleges, and technical and professional schools. Students or their parents create an Education Fund. They calculate their funding goal and invite family and friends to contribute small monthly amounts until the student graduates from college. Small donations of $5 or $10 can add up fast, saving students thousands of dollars on student loans and interest.


College is expensive

Student loan debt now exceeds 1 trillion dollars! Tuition has increased dramatically over the last 10 years, and now the average student is graduating with over $25,000 in student loans. At Campus Slice, we help you lower or eliminate your need for student loans.

Create your own Education Fund

Starting your own education fund is so simple and free! There is no application process and we support students at most types of schools, including:
  • Four-year universities
  • Community and junior colleges
  • Technical & professional schools

Big money

We have developed a method to help you raise a lot of money for tuition that is also very affordable for contributors.$25 a month may not seem like a lot of money,but if you get 10 supporters that is $3000 each year for tuition.

We know where you’re coming from

Campus Slice was created by founders who graduated with over $100,000in combined student loans. We know how hard it can be to pay off student loans, and we created CampusSlice to help prevent students from gaining big debt burdens to get an education.



Helping a family member or friend with tuition seems like a daunting task, because school is so expensive. With our platform you can have a huge, long-term impact by contributing small amounts each month.


Our simple, no headache platform is built so that you find and contribute to students quickly and easily.

Get inspired

Browse thousands of education funds and support students who are taking your same career path or who you find inspiring. Remember, even small contributions have a huge effect on their future.


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