Learn about Campus Slice

How it works ?


Step 1. Create an Education Fund

Creating your very own education fund is FREE, easy, and awesome.


Fill your profile with cool things about yourself, like your school, hobbies, and any honors you’ve received. Supporters will be impressed by all the great things you have going on.

Future Plans

Share your big plans, like the degree you are pursuing and career you want to have. Supporters will be inspired, because they can see what their contributions are helping accomplish.

Funding Goal

How much do you need for school? We help you figure out your monthly goal to help meet your tuition needs.

You can create an Education Fund for all types of schools:
  • University
  • Junior and community college
  • Online
  • Technical and professional

Step 2. Invite Supporters

Once you’ve created your awesome Education Fund it’s time to spread the word!

We have powerful tools that help you and your supporters share your Education Fund on Facebook, Twitter, & Email.

When Supporters visit your Education Fund they will see how much their contribution is saving you in yucky student loans. They will be shocked at how much their small contribution saves you big money!

Step 3. Pay Tuition

When your tuition bill is due, simply request a payout in your account and we’ll send your funds straight to your school's bursar or financial aid office. Sit back and watch your tuition get sliced!
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