Michael's college fund

Michael's college fund

$15 raised
towards $100 goal
$ -599

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My Story

At a young age I was just going through the motions. Working here and there and taking college classes at a community college. It was not until I recieved my associates that I realized how important education is. Now I am attending the Univeristy of North Texas and loving every minute of it! I want to better myself and study hard to achieve my passions and dreams!

Career & Life Goals

My passions are in business and marketing. Studying marketing in school has made me realize how passionate I am about it. One day I hope to achieve a job in the field of marketing.

Hobbies & Activities

  • Soccer
  • Running
  • Music

Awards & Achievements

  • Mu Kappa Tau
  • Honors Society
  • American Marketing Association
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