Mariza's Awesome Education Fund

Mariza's Awesome Education Fund

$10 raised
towards $100 goal
$ -349

My Story

I was born in EL Paso, Texas. I couldnt be where i am now with out my family. I stuggled alot when it came to school, because of my reading disorder. I did all i could and put all my effort into it. I honestly couldnt do it without my stepfather. He's not only my hero but he's the one that i look up to and inspires me. He always pushed me to fallow my dreams not matter what happens, money wasnt everything. I give him all the credit to why i am where i am today. My mother was the one i went to for everything, no matter what it was. Sometimes i was scared to tell her but she always knew the right answer. She is my backbone and the one i lean on. I learned through my twenty years ive been alive that if i want something bad enough that i should do all i can to get it.

Career & Life Goals

I am currently working at The Lakes of Castle Hill Golf Course, best course every and i love working there. I meet new people and im able to talk to people older then me, teaches me alot. I am wanting to open my open clothing store and design clothes. Fashion is so important to me, it started when i was little, i always tried to make my own clothes. I want be able to own stores arcoss the country.

Hobbies & Activities

  • jogging
  • swimming
  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • shopping

Awards & Achievements

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