Barton's Grad School Fund

Barton's Grad School Fund

$30 raised
towards $300 goal
$ -824

My Story

After casually beginning a new job search realized my two Associate Degrees were not adequate in today's job market. When I decided to return to school to finish out my Bachelors Degree, decided to follow my passion of arts and people. While I certainly did not choose the path of least resistance, chose the path of greatest outcome for my own passions and ventures. 

Career & Life Goals

My passion is in expressive therapies. Incorporating art, play, dance, music, and others into therapeutic treatment has had amazing outcomes and would like to make them all available under one roof as a cooperative, teaming with professionals that specialize in the various fields.  

Hobbies & Activities

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Hanging with Mako & Zada
  • Being Outdoors

Awards & Achievements

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