Ashley's Awesome Education Fund

Ashley's Awesome Education Fund

$50 raised
towards $300 goal
$ -602

My Story

Hi, everyone! I'm Ashley and I'm a sophomore at Richland High School. I'm on the Lady Rebel dance team and take all AP classes. 

I have the greatest family in the world. They are supportive in everything I do. 

I really want to go to school in San Diego to study Marine Biology, but I'm going to need some help paying for college. Every penny counts. Thanks!

Career & Life Goals

I want to attend the University of San Diego and study marine biology. I'm not sure exactly what I want to study, but I know I want to do research.  I love the ocean and I think it would be amazing to spend my career on the ocean.

Hobbies & Activities

  • Dancing
  • Reading - Fiction
  • Volleyball
  • Surfing

Awards & Achievements

  • National Honor Society
  • Student Council Secretary
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