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  • Tony's Education Fund
    Student: Tony Aguilar
    School: Indiana University
    I'm a freshman at the greatest university in the world, Indiana University! I am studying finan...
    $220 raised towards $250 goal
  • Development fund
    Student: Bipin K
    School: MIT
    A personal profile begins a job or college application or resume by summarizing who you are, wh...
    $140 raised towards $400 goal
  • Michael's college fund
    Student: Michael Lara
    School: University of N...
    Just like any other college student. Ramen noodles and pbj's. Where does the money go? In the b...
    $15 raised towards $100 goal
  • Ashley's Awesome Education Fund
    Student: Ashley Campbel...
    School: Richland High School
    I cannot wait to go to college and study marine biology.
    $50 raised towards $300 goal
  • Barton's Grad School Fund
    Student: Amy Barton
    School: St. Edward's Un...
    I started at St. Edward's 2 years ago, graduating with a Bachelor's in August of this year (20...
    $30 raised towards $300 goal
  • Jessica Aguilar
    Student: Jessica Aguilar
    School: University Of A...
    Jessica Aguilar , 20 years old. Psychology major at the University of Arkansas! Woo Pig Sooie!
    $21 raised towards $100 goal
  • Mariza's Awesome Education Fund
    Student: Mariza Lopez
    School: University Of P...
    Im very outgoing, ambitious, and self driven.
    $10 raised towards $100 goal
  • Micah
    Student: Micah Fraz
    School: Baylor
    Hello, I'm going back to school to be awesome. This is only a test...
    $20 raised towards $50 goal
  • Cool College Fund
    Student: Sophia. nolich
    School: Some school
    Emory University college student
    $10 raised towards $2,200 goal
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