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Campus Slice 101

Campus Slice is funding tool for college tuition. We help students raise money via small monthly donations for most types of schools, including four-year universities, junior and community colleges, and technical and professional schools.
Students or their parents create an Education Fund. They calculate their funding goal and invite family and friends to contribute small monthly amounts until the student graduates from college.
Monthly contributions are a core part of Campus Slice and it has a number of advantages:
  • It is affordable for supporters. The small monthly contributions have a huge impact over time for students.
  • It provides a consistent stream of tuition money for the student. Students can focus on their school work rather than stressing about how they are going to pay for each semester.

A lot of donors are family and friends of the student who want to show their support for the student. Many are alumni of the school that the student is attending who want to support someone who is taking the same route they did. Many are just inspired by the students’ goals and ambitions.
In most cases, the majority of funding initially comes from family and friends of the student. When they make their contribution, they can spread the word to their friends and family, and so on. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and email are also big sources of traffic and contributions.

Campus Slice applies a 5% fee to funds collected. Our payment processor, Authorize.net, will also apply credit card processing fees of 3.5% + $0.45 per transaction. These fees are applied on top of the monthly contribution, so that the student receives the full amount you chose to contribute.
We are a three person team in the Austin incubator Capital Factory. We spend our time spreading the message of Campus Slice and brainstorming more ways for students to raise money for tuition. We are consistently making our site better for creators and supporters. If you ever have any questions, please contact us.

Creating an Education Fund

Click the "Create Fund" button on any of Campus Slices pages. That will take you through the process of creating an Education Fund. Here is a resource of how to create an awesome Education Fund to help you maximize contributions.
High School and college/technical school students can create an Education Fund for themselves. Also, parents or mentors can create an Education Fund on behalf of the student.
Education Funds can be created for most higher education institutions, including:
  • 4-year universities
  • Junior colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Technical/Professional schools (cosmetology, art, culinary, etc.)
If you are not sure if your school qualifies, please contact us.
Unfortunately, an Education Fund cannot be created for students until they enter high school. We are working diligently to offer this option in the future.
Yes, if the student has permission from their parent or guardian.
You should:
  • Look closely at other Education Funds and check out our resource page on how to Create an Awesome Education Fund.
  • Write down your goals and ambitions. This will inspire supporters to contribute to your Education Fund.
  • Make a list of all the people who care about you,grandparents,aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends,neighbors,parents co-workers,etc.
  • Have a plan for spreading the word about your Education Fund.

When you create your Education Fund we will walk you through each of these sections:
  • Education Fund title
  • Brief description
  • My Story
  • Future goals and ambitions
  • Activities and hobbies
  • Honors and Achievements

Videos are not required, but Education Funds with a video get more supporters and higher monthly contribution amounts. So we highly recommend that you include one! Visit our resource page on how to Create an awesome Education Fund for tips on making a great video.
You will be able to see everyone who has contributed to your Education Fund under the "Supporters" tab in your profile. Next to each supporter will be a "Thank You" button that will allow you to send an email to them.
Yes. Supporters can continue to contribute to an Education Fund even after it reaches its monthly funding goal.
Yes. Students can increase or decrease their monthly goal within their profile under the “Education Fund Information” tab. This is to ensure that student receive adequate money for school as their needs change from semester to semester.
Yes. The Education Fund creator has the option to cancel funding. When funding is canceled, all contributions that have not been dispersed are immediately returned to supporters minus fees.
It depends. If you are high school student then you DO NOT have to select a major/program. If you are a college, technical, or graduate student then you must choose a major/program.
If you do not see your major/program listed please select the one that closest to your major/program and then explain your field of interest inside your profile.
No.Only one Education Fund is allowed per student.Having multiple Education Funds would confuse supporters, split contributions, and make it harder to reach your goal.
Your Education Fund remains active until you graduate from your higher education program or if you cancel and delete your profile.
No.Campus Slice Education Funds are not taken into consideration for your financial aid.

After Creating an Education Fund

"Updates" is our name for the blog that comes with each Education Fund. Students use Updates to keep their supporters informed on any exciting news that they get. A new job, an achievement, good grades, etc. Some students post weekly, others post less frequently, but it is the best way to keep supporters informed of a students progress and informed donors are more likely to keep contributing.
you can edit the following content after launching:
  • Education Fund Title
  • Profile Image
  • YouTube Video
  • Short Description
  • Email
  • Address
  • Facebook/Twitter
  • School info
  • My Story
  • Career and Life Goals
  • Hobbies and Activities
  • Awards and Achievements

At Campus Slice, we spend part of our day reviewing new Education Funds. When someone’s profilestands out as particularly compelling- whetherbecause of a really fun video, a great story, or just a great profile – we make the project a featured profile.
We add to feature profiles throughout the day and throughout the life of a project. The featured profiles rotate and change throughout the day. The best way to get on the homepage is to have agreat profile!
If you have student loans, we can send a payment on your behalf straight to the financial institution that services your loan(s). If you do not have student loans, we will return the contributions to supporters minus fees. Please contact us if you have graduated and would like a payment made towards your student loans.


Inside the student’s profile there is a "Request a Payout" tab.The student can select to have all of their available funds or specify an amount they want sent to their school.This will not work if the student has not entered their school account information.
No. We understand that every school has different terms, so a student can request funds whenever they need them.
When we send money to a school we include the students name and their ID number to ensure that the funds are going to the appropriate student.
Students can verify their student ID number by getting in contact with their schools administrative office.
Because Campus Slice is not authorized to give tax or legal advice, beneficiaries should always consult with a tax accountant or attorney if there is any question regarding the implications of the contributions collected on Campus Slice. It is our understanding that funds raised are treated like a birthday or wedding gift, and do not count as taxable income. If an individual contribution is higher than the annual gift tax amount, approximately $13,000, the donor may be subject to tax liability, please refer to the Internal Revenue Service for information about Gift Taxes.

Payment Request options only appear for College, Technical/Professional, and Grad Students. If you are a high school then you will not be given the Payment Request option until you enroll in an approved college or technical school program.


An Education Fund may be suspended if it:
  • Violates or acts inconsistently with the letter or spirit of Campus Slices Terms & Conditions.
  • Makes unverifiable claims.
  • Exhibits actions that are more closely associated with fraudulent or high-risk activity.

Funding for the Education Fund stops and all contributions are paused until further investigation. Both the Education Fund creator and supporters are notified via email.
Yes. If we find that Education Fund did not violate any of the above terms then it will be reactivated. The Education Fund and supporters will be notified by email.

Supporting an Education Fund

To contribute to an Education Fund, just click the orange “Contribute” button on any Education Fund page. You will be asked to select your monthly contribution amount. From there, you will go through the Authorize.net checkout process. Note that you must finish the Authorize.net checkout process for your contribution to be recorded.
Your card will be charged immediately once you complete the Authorize.net payment process. From then on it will be processed on the same day each month and if your contribution falls on the 31st it will be charged on the last day each month.
No. Only you and the Education Fund creator will be able to see your monthly contribution amount.
Yes. You can remain anonymous. Just check the "I would like to make my contribution anonymous" box when you are going through the Authorize.net payment process. If you would like to receive updates and thank you notes from the students you support we recommend not choosing the anonymous option.
Education Fund creators see the information you provided when checking out - email address, name, monthly contribution amount, and any comment you left.
Please contact us and include your contact info, the Education Fund(s) info, and the amounts you want updated. We will get in contact with you to verify the change before it is activated.
By contributing, you are committing to supporting that student through their education until graduation; canceling that commitment is discouraged. If you must cancel, contact us and include your contact info, the Education Fund information, and we will get in contact with you to verify the cancellation.
Contributions stop when the student graduates from their school/program. Look for the expected graduation date on your students profile to get a better idea.
Monthly contributions are a core part of Campus Slice and it has a number of advantages:
  • It is affordable for supporters to contribute small monthly amount, rather than, large sums.
  • It provides a consistent stream of tuition money for the student. Rather than stressing about how they are going to fund each semester students can focus on their school work.

When a student requests a withdrawal we send money to their schools bursar or financial aid office, so that it used directly for tuition. We never send money directly to the student.
In most cases, you will know the student. Also, we ask for the students ID number at their educational institutional to verify that they are in fact a student at their education institution.
Yes! Anyone, anywhere (with a major credit card) can contribute to an Education Fund.
No. Contributions made to an Education Fund are not tax-deductible because they are not going directly to a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a government issued EIN tax id #.
No.A Campus Slice Education Fund is not a 529 College Savings Plan, so there are no investment opportunities or tax benefits.
Sorry, Campus Slice only supports credit card payments through Authorize.net
Please contact us and include the email address you want replaced and the new email address and we will get in contact with you to verify the change.
There is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the emails you receive from Campus Slice.
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